building insulation foil ERGOFOL PLUS 0,2mm 8x33m

The black ERGOFOL PLUS 0.2mm building insulation foil is intended for waterproofing under concrete floors to protect them against water that does not exert hydrostatic pressure, coming from the ground. We offer a very large 8x33m film to reduce material losses at overlaps.

ERGOFOL PLUS black construction foil made of low-density polyethylene is designed to protect the floor against rising moisture from the ground. It is usually laid on the ground in two layers before pouring concrete. The use of several layers of mechanically undamaged film guarantees the lack of rising moisture from the ground through the floor.

We offer ERGOFOL PLUS 0.2mm thick film with a small deviation of this value equal to 30% (it is common to use 0.2mm film with a 50% deviation which is actually a 0.1mm thickness film) in a very large size 8x33m to reduce material losses at overlaps.

ERGOFOL PLUS 0.2mm +/- 30% building insulation foil is characterized by very high tensile strength, tearing and mechanical damage. The size of 8x33m is 264m 2 foil in one sheet. Rolls 1.4m long are stacked on pallets of 40 pcs. (pallets 140x110cm x175cm height). ERGOFOL PLUS is an approved film.