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Technologia SINUS SLIDE
® w dylatacjach sinusoidalnych

Revolutionary Jointing Solution

(patent pending)

   SINUS SLIDE® technology is a brilliant solution which has revolutionized whole industrial concrete floor  market.

Thanks to sinus form of the joint and the sinus form of concrete-joint connection transfers across the joint even with 2cm joint opening is shock and vibration free. Continuous support of passing wheels creates smoothly and noiseless load transfers which is experienced by the users as no joint in the floor.


A 100% joint free industrial floor !

Damage to the floor and joint is almost impossible as the cause of the damage (shocks caused by the wheels of the forklift when passing a joint) is eliminated.


Material handling equipment is also no longer liable to shocks and vibrations. Accordingly there is less wear and expensive repairs are avoided. The life of the equipment is considerably prolonged.

Nawet wózki widłowe o bardzo małych kołach nie odczują momentu przejazdu przez dylatację. Brak zniszczeń dylatacji oraz posadzki wzdłuż dylatacji to oszczędność pieniędzy oraz czasu na drogich i trudnych naprawach

With the Sinus slide joint the wheels of the forklift slide from one floor slab to another without any shock impact. With traditional joints the wheels fall with the shock into the opening of the joint and are damaged by every passage, eventually they break down requiring replacement at great expense .

Goods and Materials can now be transported without any shocks and vibrations. This is especially important where transportation of vibration sensitive goods is concerned, such as electronic parts, equipment and chemicals. The Workplace is not only more comfortable but also safer.


sinusoidalna-dylatacja sinusoidalna-dylatacja sinusoidalna-dylatacja

SINUS SLIDE® tehnology is not only the sinusoidal joint gap but also sinusoidal shape of concrete-joint connection.


100% Shock – and vibration free transfers


Experience as if no joint in the floor


No damage to: joints, industrial floor, transported goods, forklift’s operators, material handling equipment, forklift’s wheels


Saving on operational cost






Posadzka przemysłowa w 100% wolna od dylatacji jest teraz możliwa!

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