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New and old slab connection using HC-Delta SINUS


New and old slab connection using HC-Delta SINUS

We would like to introduce to you a new sinusoidal joint system HC-Delta SINUS which you can use to connect old existing concrete slab with a new concrete slab. HC-Delta SINUS joint is destined for slabs with heavy load transfer and intensity forklift traffic load. 

Application of HC-Delta SINUS in new and old slab connection ensure:
ciagłe podparcie kół– working dilatation bettween old and new slab
– 100% shock and vibration free transfer between two floor parts up to a maximum opening of 20mm
– permanent contact between wheel and concrete floor creates smoothly and noiseless load transfers experience as there is no joints in the floor
– load transfer across the joint
– preventing vertical movement
– a 100% smoothly load transfer without shocks and vibrations is achieved, eliminate the risk of damage to the floor, the material handling equipment and the goods being transported

Schemat zamieszczenia dylatacji HC-Delta SINUS na połączeniu nowej i starej posadzki:

połączenie nowej i starej posadzki

Profile have got on the top two rows of anchor bolts ø10 and 125 mm long welded on – one row on each side. On the bottom there is only one row of anchor bolts. Joint should be installed in a proper way what mean that anchor bolts on the bottom should be on the new concrete slab side. 

połączenie nowej i starej posadzki

On the bottom of the joint in both divider plates there are holes. On the side of the existing (old) concrete slab holes are smaller to fix that divider plate with a screw to the old concrete.

A bigger hole in divider plate on new concrete side permit to enter and fix the screw without blocking the second plate and allowing joint open after pouring new concrete. You should use Ø 10 or Ø 12 screw to fix proper divider plate to the existing concrete.

Drive or drill steel pickets vertically into the old concrete along the end of the anchors – on the existing slab side. Weld the pickets to the anchors, top of the pickets can not be higher than anchor bolts and the floor slab level. On the new floor slab side you should not instal any steel pickets to permit joint opens. 

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