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Sinusoidal HC-Delta SINUS joints for repair

Sinusoidal HC-Delta SINUS joints use for damage joints repair

Damaged joints in floors are a real nightmare for every warehouse and facility manager. It is a source of continuous frustration and annoyance for owners and users of  logistics buildings and warehouses. Once a jointing problem with damage is arising there is started an irreversible spiral movement of damage which becomes worse, worse and worse. This vicious circle of damage can only be stopped by lasting repairs which neutralise the cause of damage. For this purpose our HCJ sinus joints are extremely useful. However the best situation is to take care that damage cannot occur anymore. The HCJ sinus joint is the best guarantee for such a situation but also a indispensable tool for a lasting and sustainable repair in case of. zniszczona dylatacja zniszczona dylatacja 2

The power of the HCJ sinus joint is that is neutralise the impact of the shocks of the striking wheels which is the cause of damage. With the HCJ sinus joint 100 % shock- and even vibration free transfers are realised, so future damage is impossible.

Goode repair:
1. Saw-cut the concrete full depth on both sides of the damaged joint on a width of approximately 800 to 1000 mm.

Remove carefully the concrete and re-level and re-compact the sub-base material.
HC-Delta SINUS do napraw dylatacji
HC-Delta SINUS do napraw dylatacji
3. Then drill and fix deformed bars (ø16 x 600mm) in each concrete slab.

4. At least 3 dowels per meter in each concrete slab. 300 mm of the dowel must be fixed in the concrete (ideally with resin anchorage system) and 300 mm must stick out.

HC-Delta SINUS do napraw dylatacji
5.  Install a HCJ sinus joint in the middle of the gap opening between the concrete slabs. Level out the HCJ sinus joints down and across. Eventually, weld the dowels fixed in the concrete slabs to the anchorage system of the HCJ sinus joint or use reinforcing mesh to link dowels and joint connectors.

6. Then fill up the opening gap with (reinforced) concrete or special repair concrete


7. Finish the floor by polishing. It is recommended to use a HCJ sinus joint with 5 mm foam between the corrugated lips to permit a horizontal movement in the two directions.

This repaired jointing system will realise 100% shock- and even vibration free load transfers between the floor slabs so any damage in future is impossible.