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Term resistant Backer Rod DMV+ termCORD to use with hot applied sealants

DMV+ termCORD to is a round profiles manufactured from closed cell, cross-linked polyethylen foam and are specially designed to backfill joints used with hot applied sealants. The provide the
correct sealant reservoir configuration, control the depth and prevent
bottom side sealant adhesion.

sznur dylatacyjny DMV MAXROD+ do mas zalewowych na gorąco

Product advantages:

  • Avoids the 3-way bonding

  • Specially manufactured for hot applied sealants

  • Forms the correct hour glass shape of the sealant

  • Rot resistant, compressible and flexible

  • White, for better recognition during night shifts

Product features:

– Closed cell, cross-linked PE foam

– Density between 20 kg/m³ and 35 kg/m³

– Moisture absorption <1 vol.% according ISO 62

– Temperature service range -40°C and short term 200°C 

Available diameters and packing:

rod diameter recommended joint width Length  lm/Box
10 mm 6 – 8 mm 1700 m
13 mm 8 – 10 mm 1100 m
15 mm 10 – 12 mm 780 m
19 mm 12 – 15 mm 500 m
22 mm 15 – 18 mm 360 m
25 mm 18 – 20 mm 280 m
32 mm 20 – 25 mm 190 m

materiały do posadzek

Proper size selection is important as it controls the depth of the sealant bead. The backer rod must be oversized by 25 to 30% to fit tightly into the joint and function as a bondbreaker to prevent back-side adhesion of the sealant.
The backer rod should be installed with a special designed insertion tool, to avoid any kind of damage of the rod during the installation.
Prior to the placing of the backer rod, clean all joints as per the sealant and the primer manufacturer‘s recommandations.
The application of cold applied sealants shall not begin if there is any sign of moisture on the surface or in the joint.
All surfaces must be clean, dry and free of all foreign matters.


  • Road construction and high-ways

  • Airport taxiways

  • Ready to use concrete elements

  • Bridge construction and car parks