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This policy defines the rules for the use of cookies and other technologies by website and is a supplementation to the Privacy Policy of website.

Before entering the Website, we recommend to read the Website Regulations of as well as information on personal data processing at Privacy Policy >>

We also recommend to read clauses related to personal data protection at Draht - und Material Vertrieb DMV-PLUS Spółka z o.o. acting as the Data Controller >>>>


Cookies are small pieces of text information in the form of text files that are generated automatically by the web browser while visiting websites. They are sent via the server and saved on the side of the User visiting a website (e.g., on hard drive of a computer, laptop, or smartphone memory card – depending on the device used by the User visiting a particular website).

Cookies do not contain User identification data; they cannot be used to determine anyone’s identity. The files are in no way harmful to the User’s device, they do not change the settings of the software installed and have no access to other files present in the device used by the User visiting a particular website.

Cookies usually contain the name of the website it comes from, time of storage at the device, and randomly generated unique sequence of characters to identify the browser used for making the connection to the website.

Cookies can only be read by the server that generated them, namely exclusively by the website of origin.


According to the period of cookies placement at the device of the User visiting the website, cookies can be classified as::
a) session cookies – these are temporary files stored in the computer memory exclusively during a session of User’s visit to the Website, which are automatically removed from the User’s device after the browser is closed. The files are necessary for correct operation of our Website,
b) permanent, persistent cookies – these are files that are not automatically removed after the browser is closed, and which remain at the device of the User visiting our Website for a longer time. Permanent cookies remain at the device of the User visiting our Website for as long as their life parameters, or until the User removes them manually

According to cookies origin, we can classify them as follows:
a) first party cookies – belonging to our Website,
b) third-party cookies – these are cookies belonging to third-party services of third-party providers used by our Website.


Our Website uses the following cookies:
• necessary cookies that contribute to usefulness of the website by allowing basic functions, such as navigation at the site, and access to safe areas of the website;
• preferential cookies – allow the Website to remember information that change the appearance or functioning of the website, e.g., preferred language or region where the User is located;
• statistical cookies – help us as the website owner understand how various Users behave at the Website, by collecting and reporting anonymous information;
• marketing cookies – used to follow Users at websites. They are aimed at displaying advertisements that are important and interesting to particular Users, and the more previous for third-party publishers and advertisers.

Our Website uses cookies for the following purposes:
a) to remember whether the User has agreed to the use of cookies,
b) to provide specific services to our Users,
c) to tailor Website contents to User preferences,
d) to facilitate and optimise use of the Website, and to accelerate the navigation at the Website,
e) to collect anonymous information about Website Users, drafting analyses and statistics to allow us understand how Users use our Website, e.g. how they came across our Website, what software they use, how they behaved on the Website, do they view the Website version for mobile devices or computers, what countries they originate from, and about the traffic on the Website, etc., which helps us improve the structure and contents of the Website so as to make it easier to use the Website and to adapt our products and services to the interests and needs of our existing and prospective Users.
f) for administrative purposes, and to provide for security of our Website.


We use cookies to collect exclusively anonymous data about the User. We do not collect any data to allow identification of Website Users. The only information about the User, which, however, does not allow for User identification without compilation with other data, is the IP address from which the User connects to the Website. The IP address is also used by third-party services used by our Website but, also in this case, identification pursuant to this information alone is impossible.

Access to the data is reserved to, among others, Google Inc. (through the use of Google Analytics functionality for statistical purposes).

The Website may include buttons, tools, links, or contents linking to services of other companies, including plug-ins to social media portals (LinkedIn, Google My Business), maps (Google Maps), and videos (You Tube). The use of such application may result in sending information about Website Users to such entities.


1. Third-party service tools used by our Website. Our Website uses professional third-party supplier tools and services, such as Google LLC, using such tools as:
Google Analytics – a tool for website statistics analysis. Our Website features an attached Google Analytics tracking code that focuses on Java Script markers. The tracking code causes generation of cookies which serve to acquire information (including User’s IP address). The files are sent to the third-party Google LLC server, where they are modified and stored. These data are used by Google to assess traffic on the Website pursuant to the number of visits, create reports, statistics on activities of Users visiting the Website, which we, the Website owner, receive. The statistics are available at the Google Analytics account created by our Company. The information about User activities and their actions on the Website are presented in the form of diagrams or charts that illustrate, among others, how many Users visit our Website, where the traffic was originated, namely entries of Users from a country, as recorded, and how the Users behaved on the website, what device they used, etc. We wish to point out that, within Google Analytics, we do not gather any data that would allow User identification. The User may block cookies installation by changing the settings of one’s web browser, or may block Google Analytics by installing the add-in made available by Google:

Google Tag Manager – we use this tool to manage tags within our Website. When using this tool, no data are gathered, although the tool may use cookies by Google LLC related to the service.

Google Maps - is a tool for determining user location, allowing the search for specific locations, facilities, viewing maps, photos, Street view, informing about traffic intensity in real time, and travelling route planning. Owing to the publication of this tool on our Website, the User of our Website may find the location of our Business much quicker, with the use of route mapping solutions. While the User obtains access to the map, the contents of the map is downloaded from Google LLC servers.

YouTube – it is a tool by Google LLC that serves for placement, display, evaluation, and commending on videos. At our Website, the User shall find videos embedded from YouTube. If downloaded and played, YouTube shall receive notification that the User has entered our Website. YouTube shall also have the option of establishing the link between the User and other data. This happens regardless of the User having a YouTube account or whether the User is logged into the account.

Google My Business - is a tool for managing the image of businesses and organisations in Google, including the browser and Google Maps. It makes it easier for Website Users and clients to find our business, and to provide them with related information and our offer. It allows us running smart campaigns and tracing their effectiveness. The tool allows the Users and clients to publish opinions about our business and to share them with us and other users. It is also a tool to analyse business image, and to run anonymous statistics that present information on how many people have called our company directly at phone number displayed in local search results in Google Maps and the browser.
Google LLC can provide such information to third parties if compliant with the law or if such websites deal with processing of such data on request from Google LLC. In order to obtain detailed information, including about the purpose and scope of data collected, data processing and making data available, privacy policy, etc., at Google LLC, we recommend that the User should get acquainted with the Privacy Policy of Google LLC available at:

2. Social media tools

Our Website contains a plug-in to LinkedIn social media network. It is an interactive element allowing direct routing of the User visiting our Website to our Company’s social media profile at this portal. When visiting our Website, if the User clicks on the plug-in to the social media profile, the web browser creates a direct link to the network server. If the Website User is logged into the social media network, it may connect the visit to one’s account (profile) in a given social media service.

In order to obtain detailed information on the purpose, scope of data collection, data processing and use by the social media network, we recommend that the User should get acquainted with the privacy policy of a given portal. In this manner, the User can also obtain information on one’s rights and settings to allow protection of one’s privacy.

LinkedIn –Privacy Policy:

LinkedIn- Rules for using cookies:

3. Links to other websites

Our Website contains links to other websites that are not supported by our Company; therefore, our Company draws the User attention to the need for getting acquainted with such website’s privacy policy and data protection policy applicable at the website provider before entering such a website because our Company is not liable for security and privacy of any information made available by the User when using other websites, and is not liable for any damage or losses incurred as a result of visiting other websites.

4. Tools for managing consent to cookies

Our Website uses Cookiebot – a platform for consent management to allow website owners for protecting User privacy and following regulations in this respect as regards cookies and tracing.

Cookiebot - Privacy Policy:

Cookiebot - Rules for using cookies:


Because the data gathered via cookies and other third-party supplier technologies can be provided outside the European Economic Area, usually to the USA, we wish to inform that such data provision may occur pursuant to decision on the appropriate level of data protection made by the European Commission, the Privacy Shield programme, or pursuant to standard contractual clauses according to the decision of the European Commission, or pursuant to express consent of the User.


Hosting service for the website and the telecommunications connection for the server are provided by third-party providers under a contract stating that personal data of our Website Users are processed while assuring appropriate measures to secure confidentiality, integrity, and information security, and used exclusively to the extent necessary to protect our interests, including the resources of our Website and its Users.

While the User visits our Website, the information from the User’s device system is automatically saved in the logs. The data collected include IP address, date and time of the visit, duration of the visit, browser language, device type, and the operating system. Such logs are generated automatically independently of the user..


In many cases, software for browsing the Internet (web browser) permits cookies storage at the final User device by default. Website Users, however, may change the settings regarding cookies. Such settings can be changed, in particular, in such a way as to block automatic support of all cookies, or to block selected cookies in the web browser settings or inform the User about each and every placement of cookies at the device. Detailed information about the options and methods of supporting cookies is available in the web browser settings.

Because our Website uses Cookiebot platform, we offer Users free choice through configurable consent banners that gather User consents and manage cookies activation on our Website according to GDPR.

Once per month, Cookiebot automatically audits cookies by scanning our Website in search for all types of cookies, and gives us insight on what cookies and what third-party services we use. Cookiebot generates the declaration regarding cookies which specifies each cookie found at our Website. The declaration is available to Website Users as a part of the window with details in the consent dialogue box and as a separate report on cookies. The declaration also shows current status of User’s consent, and gives the User the statutory option to change or withdraw the consent.

The User may withdraw one’s consent at any time using the Cookies Declaration on our Website.

If you wish to find out more about who we are, how to contact us, and how we process personal data, read our Privacy Policy.

We wish to inform that the User may change the cookie settings of its browser at any time, or may withdraw one’s consent in relation to the Declaration on cookies on our Website. Below, you can find information regarding the status of your consent. We wish to inform that the consent refers to the following domains:

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