BELMIX polypropylene fibres for concrete

Polypropylene fibers BELMIX are high quality fibers for concrete and screed made of polypropylene. The addition of fibers to concrete is dispersed reinforcement and significantly organic occurrence of microcracks and shrinkage cracks. BELMIX fibers in a concrete mix exhibit antispasmodic effect, increase impact strength and resistance to concrete crushing. In the case of spray mortars, they improve their rheology. The fibers do not corrode or conduct electricity. Available fiber lengths are: 6, 12 and 18mm. Packed in 0.9kg bags for 1m3 of concrete.

Belmix fibers made of pure, chemically inert polypropylene, with properties that guarantee their easy wettability in contact with water and their very good distribution in a concrete mix or mortar. Belmix fibers form a spatial mesh in a concrete mix, which acts as micro-reinforcement but does not replace structural reinforcement. They provide an increase in bending tensile strength, increased impact strength, increased fire resistance and extended durability.

The addition of 0.9kg of BELMIX 18mm fibers suitable for 1m3 of concrete mix is ​​up to 180,000,000 fibers, which is about 3 240km of fibers.

Packing: Carton of 32 pcs. X 0.9kg.