Permaban BETAJOINT galvanized steel expansion joint

Permaban BetaJoint expansion joints are intended for indoor applications, for small and medium loads when pouring concrete industrial floors. Made of galvanized steel. Profiles much lighter than traditional expansion joints, especially recommended for rubber tires, light production and distribution plants and pedestrian zones. It is used for floors between 140 and 250mm thick. Ensure load transfer between adjacent concrete slabs with plate dowels. Spplied in 2.4m lengths as standard.

The BETA JOINT expansion joint structure consists of two 2 mm thick galvanized steel sheets which are divider plates. Both divider plates are folded at the whole length, bottom and top, and the folds are perforated to provides reliable anchoring of sheets in concrete, increases strength and rigidity of expansion joints by limiting their "twisting".

Expansion profiles are characterized by 12 mm protection of the edges of concrete slabs on both sides of the joint. Radiused edges on the top inside corners help reduce damage to forklift wheels. The sharp edge on the inside top face of each hole helps ensure a precise finish when trowelling-in.

It is used for floors between 140 and 250mm thick.
The length of one profile is 2.4m. Can be cut at any point without compromising strength.

Profiles are available with load transfer TD plate dowels. There are three dowel thicknesses to choose from: TD6 - 6mm TD8 - 8mm to TD10 - 10mm thick.

It's also a leave-in-place formwork system allowing you to stop concreting at a convenient time.


Available profile heights (lower and higher profiles available on request):

NAMEheight of joints
floor height
BetaJoint 130
130140 - 160
BetaJoint 150
150160 -180
BetaJoint 175
175190 - 200
BetaJoint 200200210 - 230
BetaJoint 225225240 - 260