COSINUS SLIDE® expansion joint

COSINUS SLIDE® sinusoidal expansion joints guarantee passage through expansion joints free of shocks and the least vibration regardless the speed of forklifts. Sinusoidal expansion joints ensure continuous support for passing forklift wheels during the joint gap passage. Thanks to this, we get the impression that there is no expansion gap in the floor. The design with overlapping sinusoidal waves up and down provides the highest possible values of transferred loads. COSINUS SLIDE® expansion joints are the best profiles on the market that have been patented and are already recognized around the world, ensuring comfortable and trouble-free use of the floor for years.

COSINUS SLIDE® sinusoidal expansion joints are the best expansion profiles on the market, guaranteeing comfortable and trouble-free use of the floor for years.

Sinusoidal expansion joints created on the basis of Sinus Slide® technology are a brilliant solution that has completely revolutionized the market for concrete industrial floors. By creating a sinusoidal form of the expansion joint, the passage through such expansion joints of industrial floors is not only free from shocks, but also from the slightest vibrations. This comfort is maintained even at the maximum 2 cm opening of the connector. Sinusoidal expansion joints ensure uninterrupted support of the wheels during the passage. As a result, the operator gets the impression of a total lack of expansion joints in the floor.

The design eliminates the cause of dilatation damage, floors along the expansion joints and forklift wheels - because it eliminates the straight dilatation gap into which the wheels of passing forklifts fell with impetus.

Eliminating the impact of wheels on the edges of concrete slabs when passing through the joint primarily affects the durability of the floor. Thanks to this solution, we eliminate the cause of damage to expansion joints, concrete along expansion joints, forklift wheels and transported shock-sensitive goods, including glass, electronic, food and similar goods.

COSINUS SLIDE® sinusoidal expansion joints mean that even forklifts with very small wheels will not feel the moment of passing through the gap. No damage to expansion joints and floors along expansion joints save money and time on expensive and difficult repairs.

Sinus Slide® technology, is not only a sinusoidal expansion joint, but also a sinusoidal concrete-steel border with a characteristic sinusoidal shape - this is the solution found inCOSINUS SLIDE®profiles and in the precursor -HC-Delta SINUS Slide®.

The idea of opposed waves at the top and bottom in COSINUS SLIDE®profiles is the first such dilatation solution eliminating the need for load-bearing dowels. Load transfer is not realized by the joint (with dowels) but by the floor itself, realizing the best load transfer system ever.

With these profiles, the racking system can be placed just next to the expansion joints.

The latest model of sinus expansion joint - COSINUS SLIDE® is a combination of the patented technology Sinus Slide® with the concept of superposition of the two sinus wave SINUS-COSINUS® eliminating load-bearing dowels.

The floor itself carries the load, assuming the function of expansion joints.

Thanks to the SINUS-COSINUS®geometrical shaped form of the joint and the concrete, load transfer is not realized by the joint (with dowels) but by the floor itself.

The loads are transferred simultaneously and proportionally throughout and over the floor by those vertical Concrete Columns shaped and supported by the SINUS-COSINUS®geometry. Passing wheels and loads pass gently from one floor plate to another, despite the lack of traditional dowel system.

That’s why we say: the joint is the floor, the floor is the joint.

Don't wait for damage and trouble. Start wisely! and save yourself trouble in the future. Remember! SAVINGS ARE EXPENSIVE

COSINUS SLIDE® expansion joint is intended for industrial concrete slabs exposed to heavy loads and heavy vehicle traffic, it also acts as a work break when puring concret.

COSINUS SLIDE® construction and dilatation joint is composed of two continuous symmetrical SINUS profiles each 5mm wide on top and two continuous symmetrical COSINUS profiles each 2mm wide on bottom, both made of steel grade S235JR2 according EN 10025-2. The SINUS corrugation on top is opposed by a COSINUS corrugation underneath. The lower COSINUS profiles have a greater amplitude and period so that when the expansion joint is open even by 2 cm, the upper SINUS profiles still have support on the lower COSINUS profiles - this guarantees the transfer of loads between dilated plates even at large expansion joints.

Instead of traditional anchor studs the joint is fixed in the concrete by a special wreathed continuous rebar system over the total length of the joint and with connections top and bottom.

dylatacja cosinus slide

The sinus and cosinus steel plates are separated from each other in the middle of the joint by a steel plate barrier which prevents overflowing of the concrete. This barrier consist of two steel plate 3 x 35 mm. Between the two bottom cosinus profiles is placed a 1,5 mm thick, adjustable steel plate that allows to close completely the gap between joint and the ground. This adjustable plate makes the standard heights suitable for floor with various thickness. The COSINUS SLIDE® is particularly suitable for heavy industry and high loads applications and are fitted according to a layout plan with limited dimensions separating the various floor parts.

During the concrete curing time, the plates separated by the expansion joint profile move away from each other to compensate for shrinkage and allow expansion joints opening. Along with one concrete slab, the upper sinusoidal profile, half of the overflow barrier, the lower sinusoidal profile and the bar anchoring system which fastens the entire structure move away from second concrete slab. With the second plate, the second upper sinusoidal profile, the second half of the overflow barrier, the second lower sinusoidal profile with the lowered sinusoidal separation barrier and the bar anchoring system which fastens the entire structure are moved away.



slab thickness [mm]


top  profile height [mm]


bottom profile height [mm]


additional adjustable steel plate [mm]


total joint width

90 - 120
115 - 150
COSINUS SLIDE 160/215x5160 - 215
COSINUS SLIDE 205/300x5205 - 300
COSINUS SLIDE 300/400x5305 - 400

Both COSINUS SLIDE 160/215x5 and COSINUS SLIDE 205/300x5 profiles can be used for 205 - 215 mm.

Recommended joint opening: do 20mm.

One profile is 2,6m long .

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