DMV+ foil type 200 polyethylene covering and protecting foils

Black protective foil DMV+ type 200 made of low-density polyethylene is designed to protect the concrete floor against too fast drying and evaporation of water from its surface. It protects it from drafts, sunny places as well as dust and other impurities. We offer a 6x33m large film to reduce material losses at overlaps.

For concrete floors, it is very important to protect the concrete in the zone directly at the surface. The use of a protective film ensures a homogeneous concrete maturation process along the entire floor height, which reduces the appearance of shrinkage cracks and prevents weakening of the surface layer. The concrete floor should be covered with foil as soon as it is finished.

DMV+ type 200 black cover foil is characterized by high tensile strength, tearing and mechanical damage. The size of 6x33m is 198m2 of foil in one sheet. 78 rolls 80cm long are stacked on one pallet  (pallets 120x80 x 190 cm).
Protective film should not be used as an insulating layer under floors. The use of even several layers of protective film does not guarantee moisture retention.