e-slide sinusoidal joint

Sinusoidal expansion joints e-slide is an economical expansion joint combining the advantages of SINUS SLIDE® sinusoidal expansion joints and a very competitive price. Sinusoidal expansion joints guarantee passage through the expansion gap free of shocks and the smallest vibrations. They ensure continuous support of the wheels when passing through the expansion joint. Thanks to this, we get the impression that there is no expansion gap in the floor. E-slide profiles are available in standard only in three height of 130, 155, 180 and 205mm, which allows them to be used for 140 - 230mm thick floors. The profiles are very light, which makes installation easy and the price is very competitive. They are delivered in 2.6 m lengths.

Sinusoidal expansion joints SINUS SLIDE® are the best expansion joints on the market, guaranteeing comfortable and trouble-free use of the floor for years. By creating a sinusoidal form of the expansion joint, the passage through such expansion joints of industrial floors is not only free from shocks, but also from the smallest vibrations. Sinusoidal expansion joints ensure continuous support of the wheels during the passage. As a result, the driver of the truck has the impression of a total lack of expansion joints in the floor. Sinusoidal expansion joints mean that even forklifts with very small wheels will not feel the moment of passing through the gap.

SINUSOIDAL expansion joints based on the SINUS SLIDE® technology eliminate the cause of damage to expansion joints, floors along expansion joints and forklifts wheels - i.e. the impact of forklift wheels on open edges of expansion joints - and for this reason they are considered the final solution in technology industrial floors.

Eliminating the cause of damage, i.e. the impact of the wheels on the edges of the panels, primarily affects the durability of the floor. No damage to expansion joints and floors along expansion joints saves money and time on expensive and difficult repairs, and increases work efficiency. Repairs are also associated with reorganisations and downtime halls. No need to systematically replace forklift wheels that are damaged by passing through damaged expansion joints and concrete along the expansion joints also saves costs on their continuous replacement. We also eliminate the damage of goods sensitive to shocks or falling from trucks such as: glass, ceramic, electronic or food goods.


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Specially minimized construction of sinusoidal e-slide joint profiles based on Omega profiles has allowed to achieve a very good price-performance ratio.

E-slide profiles are only available with a height of 130, 155, 180 and 205mm.  In this way, the range of s-slide expansion joints is between 140 and 230mm.
Upper sinusoidal sinusoidal profiles are 5mm thick. The e-slide profiles are equipped with a specially designed and patented system of continuous anchoring in concrete from a spatially formed steel rod 6mm in diameter.

The optimal and recommended opening of the expansion joint is 15mm, but the profiles still carry loads even at 25mm opening of the joint.

The weight of one piece is only 23kg, what allows carrying the profile on the construction site by one person only. The profiles are characterized by optimal rigidity and straightness.

E-slide expansion profiles are available in natural, galvanized and stainless steel.

130mm [ b = 30mm ]
155mm [ b = 65mm ]
180mm [ b= 90mm ]
205mm [ b = 115mm]

Recommended for slab thicknesses 140 – 230mm.
One pcs length: 2,6m

Joint opening: 15mm - optimal and recommended up to 15mm, load transfer possible up to 25mm.

Versjon: natural steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel AlSI 304 or AlSl 316
Available accessories: installation feet – allow leveling with screws and installation without drilling pins into the ground (insulation installation) L-plate– allow installation without drilling the pins into the ground, steel "L" profiles welded to expansion profiles to load them e.g. with bags to prevent their lateral movement during pouring concrete (installation on insulation)

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