EXPANSION ARCES - 1/4 circle

EXPANSION ARCES are expansion joints formed in a quarter circle. Four pieces form a full circle. They can be used as a separation of solid elements in floors such as columns from the rest of the concrete slab or eliminate problematic crossing of "L" type expansion joints, i.e. in a straight account.

EXPANSION ARCES are expansion joint profiles bent into an arch. One expansion arch is a quarter of a circle.

The expansion joint can be used as a connector of intersecting expansion joints , eliminating the right angle with such a connection. Intersection of "L" type expansion joints is the most problematic intersection.

Four arches connected together in a circle can be used to separate solid elements in floors, e.g. columns, manholes or any installations from the rest of the concrete floor.

We offer TWO TYPES of arches differing in diameter.

Standard heights:

diameter 750mm
diameter 500mm

On special request it is possible to make profiles of a different height. Standard profiles are made of black steel but it is possible to order arches with top profiles made of galvanized steel or stainless steel.