FORTEDUR WET 1021 sceed from Fortemix company

The dry screed mixture FORTEDUR WET 1021 is a special mixture of sintered oxides, quartz sand, cement and other chemical admixtures, designed for surface hardening in the form of a screed layer. It can be applied to fresh concrete or old concrete floor after its preparation and prior application of the graft layer. The floor with surface hardening screed layer is smooth with non-slip properties, more resistant to wear and impact, easy to clean and practically non-dusty compared to ordinary concrete. Its soaking resistance (oils, solvents and others) is also increased.

Industrial floors are exposed to very high loads and attrition during intensive use, which is why it is recommended to make surface hardening on their surface.

FORTEDUR WET 1021 is a dry mix consisting of 55.4% sintered oxides, in addition to which also includes: quartz sand, cement and other chemical additives.FORTEDUR WET 1021 after mixing with water is applied to the floor in the form of a layer. Compared to hardening surface in the form of dry shake spread and mechanically smoothed on fresh concrete, hardening with a screed gives a much thicker hardening layer. We can get a layer of hardening from 5 to 20mm. In this way we will receive an industrial floor suitable for high operational requirements, exposed to the intensive movement of forklifts. However, the application of this system requires extensive experience in its application.


The FORTEDUR WET 1021 screed mixture is packed in 25 kg bags. The bags are stacked on pallets of 42pcs. The entire pallet weighs 1050kg net / 1075kg gross.

Flooring systems based on dry screed mixtures FORTEDUR WET 1021 are mainly made in natural gray (concrete color). The dry mix can, however, be dyed the selected color depending on the customer's requirements. The final color of the surface is always a combination of the color of the dry mix with shades of gray concrete. Close-up on the surface you will see black spots coming from aggregate, i.e. sintered oxides.


Fortedur Wet 1021 screed is applied to fresh, slightly bound concrete. Before application, remove excess water from the concrete surface, but do not allow excessive drying of the surface. It is necessary to check whether the concrete is sufficiently bonded to support the weight of an adult on the surface - the footprint should leave a 3-5mm depth trace on the concrete. Before applying the screed the concrete surface should be smoothed using rotary trowels.

The dry mix of Fortedur Wet 1021 should be mixed with water in a concrete mixer and applied to the surface of the concrete slab in an appropriate amount depending on the thickness of the layer and spread using leveling laths.

After application of the material, the surface should be mechanically smoothed with trowels mechanical with combo blades and finishing blades that they provide high degree of mechanical surface finish. Troweling process at increasing the bevel of the trowel blades should be repeatedly repeated depending on the course of the concrete and screed binding process.

Immediately after troweling on the hardened surface, spray care product Fortecoat 1425 or Fortecoat 1426, which prevents the floor surface layer from drying out too early, increases its hardening rate, reduces its absorbency and minimizes dusting.


The application of the Fortedur Wet 1021 screed requires the use of a Fortedur 1091 adhesion layer (join bridge).

In the event a wear layer is being prepared for concrete floors that already have high operating loads, it is useful to apply the Fortedur system to extend the life of the floor, to increase its durability and limit the dust arising from the original concrete substrate.

Prior to the actual application, it is necessary to rid the concrete surface of any loose parts, dirt, and where the issue is the smoothness of the surface or local unevenness, roughen and even out the surface (milling). The prepared surface must be saturated with water as intensively as possible. It’s necessary to prevent dry areas from forming or the creation of puddles. Fortedur 1091 is applied to the soaked surface, followed by a layer of Fortedur Wet using the “wet to dry” method, where the dry screed mix is continuously mixed with the required amount of water or in a mixer with forced circulation, and Fortedur Wet is evenly spread with a squeegee on the surface of the concrete slab. After the screed solidifies, the surface of the screed is smoothed using rotary disk trowels. The surface is then mechanically smoothed with the rotary machine using combination and final trowels, which ensures a high degree of the final physical modification.

Immediately after troweling on the hardened surface, spray care product Fortecoat 1425 or Fortecoat 1426, which prevents the floor surface layer from drying out too early, increases its hardening rate, reduces its absorbency and minimizes dusting.

Comparison with other FORTEMIX screeds

Fortedur WET

Fortedur WET
Fortedur WET
Fortedur WET
Fortedur WET
(content in dry mix)
quartz aggregates 66,4%
sintered oxides 55,42%sintered oxides 27,7% +
metallic fillers 27,7%
metallic fillers 56,5%Silicon carbide 30%
compressive strength
after 28 days
min. 65 MPa
min. 70 MPa
min. 80 MPamin. 80 MPamin. 80 MPa
abrasion resistance
according to Böhme
5 cm3/50cm22 cm3/50cm21,5 cm3/50cm21 cm3/50cm21 cm3/50cm2
abrasion resistance
according to BCA
0,05 mm0,035 mm0,025mm0,02 mm0,02 mm
1,8 kg/mm/m2
1,9 kg/mm/m22,1  kg/mm/m22,3 kg/mm/m22,35 kg/mm/m2
thickness layer 5 - 20mm
5 - 20mm5 - 20mm5 - 20mm5 - 20mm
mixing water
3 - 3.5 liters/bag
4 -4.5 liters/bag>
4  - 4.5 liters/bag
4 - 4.5 liters/bag
3.5-4 liters/worek

Application of Fortedur WET screed WET ON DRY method

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