NEODUR HE3 dry shake from Korodur company

NEODUR HE 3 is a ready-to-use, cement-based, mineral dry topping for hardening the surface of fresh concrete on an industrial floor. It is used to improve the surface hardness and increase wear resistance of the floors being subjected to direct industrial stress. Indication: CT-C70-F9-A5

Industrial floor, as experience shows, is one of the most heavily loaded and exploit parts of the entire building. Industrial floors must be able to withstand various, partly extreme loads, abrasion and other additional requirements. KORODUR's materials have proven themselves over the past decade in the technology of industrial floors. The hardest and most wear-resistant industrial floor in the long term is always the best and the most economical solution.

The surface dry-shake method is a modification of the concrete floor surface. This surface modification serves to increase the wear resistance and increase the hardness of the surface.

NEODUR HE 3 is a ready-to-use, cement-based mineral dry topping for hardening the surface of concrete industrial floors. Available in natural gray color - or colored according to the KORODUR color card.

Designed for surface hardening of concrete industrial floors to improve surface hardness and abrasion resistance of floors subjected to direct operation. They can be used indoors and outdoors.

Dry spreading is carried out on a fresh screed or concrete surface - manually, using a special dosing trolley or spreader.

NEODUR HE 3 indication: CT-C70-F9-A5

Group/DIN 1100 - A
Grain size: 0-3mm
Compressive strength: 70 N/mm²
Tensile strength: 9 N/mm²
Wear resistance: ≤ 5 cm³/50 cm²
packaging: 25kg bag.
Consumption: In middle 3 - 5 kg/m². In case of NEODUR HE 3 coloured execution, it is recommended to apply 5 - 6 kg/m² to achieve uniform colour intensity.