The arrangement of warehouse racks and the organization of the storage space must optimize all warehouse functions so that with the least work input it was the most effective.
The originally planned arrangement of warehouse racks after some time may turn out to be wrong and the space needs to be reorganized. Saving on expansion joints which were originally intended to be under warehouse racks does not always pay off. During the reorganization of space, expansion joints on wchih they wanted to save, i.e. cut or protected only by steel sheet or angles, are exposed to intense forklift traffic and their damage is only a matter of time.

Repair of such damaged expansion joints can be done using HC-SINUS Slide Repair expansion joint profiles. These profiles are designed for repair and eliminate the problem, but the repair itself is associated with many problems, costs and warehouse downtime. A much better solution is of course, the use of professional and the best on the market COSINUS SLIDE sinusoidal expansion joints. With these expansion joints, the arrangement of racks is only a matter of work optimization, racks can be placed anywhere even at the joints.