REPAIR of industrial floors damage

Damage of the #industrial floors is a real nightmare for every warehouse or production hall, unable normal functioning of the entire facility.

In the production hall of heavy steel constructions near Zawiercie, “PRIMTEAM Grzegorz Waniek” company systematically repairs damaged expansion joints. The first repairs for so-called "trial" was carried out already in 2016, the next ones in 2020 and 2022, and the next ones will be done soon. Every repair completed successfully!
users can forget now about joints and focus on their work.

Concrete along the damaged expansion joints was removed in full depth to the sub-base, sinusoidal #sinusslide expansion profiles were installed and the gap of the hole was filled with concrete. When there are high floor loads, #repair #profiles may not be sufficient because, in addition to edge protection, it is necessary to ensure the transfer of loads between the slabs.

So if you are looking for a contractor experienced in the repair of expansion joints, we can fully recommend Mr. Grzegorz from PRIMTEAM!

Sinusoidal expansion joints provide 100% support under the wheels at the time of passage, thanks to which the passage through the expansion joints is 100% free from shocks and even the smallest vibrations! Sinusoidal profiles ELIMINATES THE CAUSE of problems with expansion joints.