MIELE plant extension with COSINUS

Almost 2 kilometers of total galvanized COSINUS SLIDE® expansion joints appeared again in Ksawerow during the MIELE plant extension. coincidence? 💪 💪 💪

MIELE is a world leader in household appliances production, which probably needs no introduction. The modern factory could not miss the best CCOSINUS SLIDE® expansion joints on the whole industrial floor market.

Chosen for the second time during the plant extension, after about 2 years of use on the original floor. They worked out perfectly, which is of course not surprising. The sinusoidal COSINUS SLIDE® expansion joint profiles guarantee the transfer of the greatest static and dynamic loads among all other profiles available on the market and guarantee shock-free passage through the expansion joints.

The floor contractor for the extension by over 22,000 m2, which also worked well the first time, was again the reliable and dependable company PAL-GAZ Posadzki Przemysłowe.👌 The perfect execution of the floor, which is impossible not to boast about. 👏👏👏

Can there be a better confirmation of the reliability of the product and the flooring company than a satisfied customer who chooses a proven product and contractor again?

More information about sinusoidal COSINUS SLIDE® joints on our blog: https://dmvplus.pl/pl/blog/cosinus