Water base concrete impregnate Fortecoat 1626 from Fortemix company

Water-based impregnate Fortecoat 1426 can be applied to fresh and existing concrete. Typical application of care and curing impregnate Fortecoat 1426 is an application on concrete floors, with surface hardening made with Fortedur Wet screed layer or using Fortedur dry shake. The product is applied with a spray, roller or mop. The use of Fortecoat 1426 reduces the loss of water from the floor surface, improving the hardening process over the entire thickness of the slab. The product closes the pores in the floor, sealing it and reducing the dusting effect, reduces its absorbency, increasing mechanical and chemical resistance, and facilitates cleaning the floor.

Fortecoat 1426 concrete impregnate can be applied to a fresh, concrete surface immediately after smoothing, as well as to an old, untreated concrete surface. The substrate must be free from dirt and residual water before application.
Due to the incredible penetration capacity of Fortecoat 1426 impregnation at a much greater depth compared to other preparations with similar properties and application - the surface is additionally hardened.

By applying the preparation, the water losses is reduced, thanks to which we obtain better hardening conditions, which ensure greater strength of the concrete plate and its layer surface. At the same time, the pores close, which significantly reduces surface absorption. In this way, the floor system provides a restriction dusting of the floor, increases mechanical and chemical strength and facilitates maintenance.

The preparation can be applied to a fresh concrete surface immediately after it has been seized, as well as to an older, untreated concrete surface. The substrate must be free of dirt and water before application. Application of Fortecoat 1426 care and hardening impregnant is an application on concrete floors, with surface hardening made with Fortedur dry shake or Fortedur Wet screed layer.

The Fortecoat 1426 care is applied by means of a roller or as a spray. Rolling can only be used if this application does not affect negative the surface quality. In case od wooden formwork, Fortecoat 1425 care must be applied immediately after removal of the formwork.

The area will be divided into parts for which calculated amount of Fortecoat 1425, must be used. Apply the preparation in a thin layer. One layer is usually enough for effective care and elimination of dusting, and gives the floor a gloss. In an excessively dry environment or in a strong draft, immediately after drying, the Fortecoat 1425 waterproofing agent should be additionally covered with a non-woven fabric or PE foil to protect the floor against wind and drying out. Do the same for high temperatures.

Fortecoat 1426 is supplied in 20-liter containers.

density[ kg/m3 ]
0,9 - 0,95
consumption[ litr/m2 ]
01 - 0,15
0,1 - 0,15
1 liter efficiency [m2]
6,7 - 10
6,7 - 10