HC-DELTA SINUS SLIDE® expansion joint

HC-Delta SINUS SLIDE® sinusoidal joint from HCJ is a precursor of non-linear, sinusoidal dilatation profiles. As the first product of this type on the market, it has been patented and is recognized worldwide. Sinusoidal expansion joints ensure continuous wheel support when passing through expansion joints.Thanks to this, we get the impression that there is no expansion gap in the floor. By creating a sinusoidal form of the expansion joint, passing through such expansion joints of industrial floors is not only free from shocks, but also from the smallest vibrations. HCJ sinusoidal expansion joints are the best expansion joints on the market, guaranteeing comfortable and trouble-free use of the floor for years.

The HC-Delta SINUS SLIDE® sinusoidal expansion joints guarantee the passage through expansion gap free from shocks and the smallest vibrations. They ensure continuous support of the wheels during the journey. Thanks to this, we get the impression that there is no expansion gap in the floor. SINUSOIDAL expansion joints based on SINUS SLIDE technology have eliminated the CAUSE of damage - i.e. the impact of forklift wheels on the edges of open expansion joints - and for this reason there are considered the final solution in industrial floor technology.

The SINUS SLIDE® technology eliminates the straight joint gap into which the wheels of passing forklifts fell with impetus, which caused damage to expansion joints, damage of the concrete floor along the expansion joints, damage of forklift wheels and damage of damage of sensitive to shocks products which can even fall from trucks when passing through such joint. This comfort is maintained even at the maximum 2 cm opening of the joints. Sinusoidal expansion joints ensure continuous support of the wheels during the journey. As a result, the operator gets the impression of a total lack of expansion joints in the floor. Sinusoidal expansion joints mean that even forklifts with very small wheels will not feel the moment of passing through the gap.

The elimination of the cause of damage, i.e. the impact of wheels on the edges of concrete slabs when passing through the joint, primarily affects the durability of the floor. No damage to expansion joints and floors along expansion joints save money and time on expensive and difficult repairs. No need to replace damaged forklift wheels by traveling through damaged expansion joints saves costs on their continuous replacement. We also eliminate the destruction of goods sensitive to shocks or falling off such goods like: glass, ceramic, electronic or food goods.
Try it! Save on replacements, repairs and downtime. Earn more by increasing work efficiency! National and World recommendations, recognition and opinions speak for themselves. Do not wait for destruction! SAVINGS ARE EXPENSIVE!

HC-Delta SINUS SLIDE® was the first sinusoidal joint on the market and it worked 100%. An improved, newer version of the sinusoidal joint also in the SINUS SLIDE® technology, retaining all the advantages of the original is COSINUS SLIDE® joint -> Find out more!

The individual dimensions are listed below and marked on the drawing diagram:

NAMEa - nominal joint height [mm]
floor thickness [mm]
b - top, SINUS profile height [mm]
c - delta profile height [mm]
d - additional divider plate [mm]
min. and max. joint height [mm]
HC-Delta SINUS Slide 105
105110 - 120
HC-Delta SINUS Slide 120120130 - 140
HC-Delta SINUS Slide 130130140 - 150
HC-Delta SINUS Slide 140
140150 - 170
608030140 - 170
HC-Delta SINUS Slide 150
150150 - 180
608040140 - 180
HC-Delta SINUS Slide 160
160160 - 180
758030140 - 180
HC-Delta SINUS Slide 180
180158 - 200
155 - 200
HC-Delta SINUS Slide 200200205 - 220
908065170 - 225
HC-Delta SINUS Slide 220
220225 - 240
908080170 - 240
HC-Delta SINUS Slide 240
240145 - 260
1169575211 - 276
HC-Delta SINUS Slide 260
260265 - 280
1169595211 - 296
HC-Delta SINUS Slide 280
280285 - 300
11695105211 - 306
HC-Delta SINUS Slide 300300305 - 320
11695125211 - 326

One piece is 2.997m long.

Maximum recommended joint opening: 20mm

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