ITB National Technical Assessment issued for Permaban expansion joints

We are pleased to announce that ITB National Technical Assessment has been release for Permaban expansion joints.

ITB National Technical Assessment with the number ITB-KOT-2018/0282 edition 1, was issued on 28/03/2018 and includes the following products: AlphaJoint Classic 4010, AlphaJoint 4010, AlphaJoint Classic CSS, AlphaJoint CSS, BetaJoint, Permaban Eclipse, Betaexpansion, Permaban SIGNATURE and Permaban Signatureslide

Expansion profiles are intended for use in industrial floor slabs made of concrete class C25 / C30 to C40 / 50.

The manufacturer based on the National Technical Assessment issued the abovementioned Products National Declaration of Performance. The products are marked with the CE mark and the building mark B.