New X and T connector at the expansion joints crossing

Following the high quality of COSINUS SLIDE®sinusoidal expansion joints, the joint connectors for expansion joints crossings have been redesigned. They have successfully passed a series of tests. The new improved design of the X and T connectors works great, as evidenced by customer reviews straight from construction sites.

The height of the connectors is adjustable and you don't have to cut them anywhere. The movable wings allow for connection and exact adjustment at different angles to the upper sinus profiles of expansion joints. The new joining system has been designed with the COSINUS SLIDE® expansion joint in mind, but it can be easily used with the original version of the HC-Delta SINUS Slide®sinusoidal expansion joint.

The attached photos show:

  • X connector - at the intersection of HC-Delta SINUS Slide®
  • X connector - at the intersection of COSINUS Slide PROFILES®
  • T connector - at the intersection of COSINUS profiles®