Ineffective joint repair will always end the same as it started - the need for another repair.

Expansion joints are a critical point of every floor, and floors are the most exploited part of an industrial facility. Instead of making an effective repair, cheaper solutions are often chosen and then you pay two or even three times. Such savings are very costly, not to mention the comfort of driving through the damaged expansion joint or even the necessity to completely eliminate the passage from use.
The second attempt to repair the damaged expansion joint using steel angles was also unsuccessful.

Third time lucky. Another repair performed with HC-SINUS SLIDE REPAIR profiles by Sebastian Krysa EPOXFLOOR is already the final repair. A straight expansion joint gap and straight connection boundaries of the steel profile with concrete have been eliminated. Currently, the passage through the expansion joint is 100% free from shocks and the smallest vibrations, due to the constant support of the vehicle wheels. The expansion foam between the steel, sinusoidal profiles enables the joint to work for contraction and relaxation.
Do it once but right!