The best performing industrial floors at lower overall costs

As with any construction, initial savings are always very expensive in the future. The same is true for industrial floors. Saving on good expansion profiles, taking into account only the cost of making the m2 floor, quickly turns out to be very expensive to use. Bothersome and noisy falling of forklift wheels into wide expansion joints, crumbling of concrete along expansion joints, damages and constant replacement of forklift wheels. Goods falling from prams from shocks during journeys. Uncomfortable, slow and not very effective movement of trucks and work of the entire warehouse. Costly and difficult repairs and associated reorganization and downtime of halls. Short-sighted savings always end there.
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Hengelhoef Concrets Joints has found a solution - sinusoidal expansion profiles COSINUS SLIDE® for industrial concrete floors. The achievable load values ​​of this joint eliminate the unreliability of traditional profiles at the same time lowering the total floor costs. Leading brands such as Toyota, Walmart Ikea and Amazon have already used COSINUS SLIDE® profiles. The patented COSINUS technology has a double slide effect, achieving the best load transfer without using outdated dowels. The joint is as strong as the center of the floor. Drive through the connector free of shocks and slight vibrations.