The HCJ company, the COSINUS SLIDE® sinusoidal expansion joints manufacturer, having worked on it for a long time, proudly presents the latest innovation LOAD TRANSFER PERFORMANCE CALCULATOR.

An online tool that finally enables any flooring professional to make a much better assessment as to which joints would be the best fit for their project.

Where others just shamelessly copy, offering cheap inferior solutions based on short term pursuit of profit, while presenting themselves as the experts in the market, company HCJ invested in R&D. They did this based on a real driven willingness to achieve the best jointing technology, for ultimate client satisfaction, thus proving the superiority of theirs sinusoidal expansion joints COSINUS SLIDE®, (which do not have a load bearing dowel system) over all other profiles on the market.


Static designs of floors have so far only referred to the calculation of loads on a concrete floor slab. Discontinuities in this slab such as expansion joints have been overlooked. And these discontinuities are always the weakest and critical points. The load carrying capacity of expansion joints was not fully taken into account in most projects! Some projects ignore the issue of load transfer through the joint at all, and some assume the same load transfer through the joint as for the entire floor slab. We suppose that even 70% of projects are underestimated!

With the state-of-the-art logistics operations, these problems are starting to become more and more apparent. Logistics have developed and changed drastically over the last decade. Racks are are getting higher, loads from shelves are getting bigger. Logistic operations often take 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and forklifts with increasingly heavy pallets are moving at increasing speed. All these elements require adequate performance, converging on the floor. So the floor is the most important part any industrial facility.


Every day thousands of tons of goods and equipment will cross the joint. The challenge is to transfer these loads as efficient as possible to the other slab.

With a straight expansion joint, the problem was shock when passing through the joint. The wheels hit the edge of the open expansion gap, which caused great discomfort during the journey, was dangerous and caused health problems for the truck operators. Over time, this led to damage to the expansion joint and concrete along the edges, and repairs were needed. However, the repairs turned out to be short-lived, because the reason - a straight expansion joint - was not eliminated. The result was inefficient work and downtime.

Already in 2007, HCJ as market innovator solved for the first time the problem by NEUTRALIZING the CAUSE of impact. Introduction of a sinusoidal expansion joint, thanks to which uninterrupted support of forklift wheels was ensured, and the moment of passing through the joint was not felt at all.

A break through in jointing technology to control dynamic load transfer.

As with other building materials, different connection of elements have different properties. Visual differences can be seen with the naked eye, but the most important property that cannot be seen is the LOAD TRANSFER!

Generally, the most CRITICAL STATIC LOADS for an industrial floor come from racks adjacent to each other back to back. This problem remains the same for joints and often becomes the decisive case for the final result of your industrial floor.

A high performing construction joint COSINUS SLIDE® is way more than a fancy looking form. For static loads, everything what matters is transferring loads while limiting deformations! Everything needs to be as efficient as posible.

Why is good load transfer so important?
The construction joint is integral part of your industrial floor. Only if these joints work efficiently, your hole floor can be efficient.

HCJ company combined the genius concept of Sinus Slide® with the unique load transfer system of Cosinus Slide®. The result is a near perfect load transfer with almost no deformations – The Double Slide Effect Cosinus Slide®.

With Load Transfer Performance Calculator HCJ is expected to significantly reduce the occurrence of wrongly selected joints. Underestimation of the loads transfer the joint caused in the past damage to the expansion joints, concrete floors and later loading equipment. The joint was the most critical and weakest point until HCJ revolutionized the jointing technology. We made the joint as strong as the floor by controlling dynamic and static loads. Now you can check it yourself! The CALCULATOR will help designers in the selection of appropriate expansion profiles and optimization of the entire floor design. At the very least, we expect flooring engineers to take more conscious and fact-based decisions, safeguarding them from professional risk and keep them in line with their deontological code. Well-chosen profiles save the costs of owners and users throughout the entire life of the floor.

What works for you?
The only way to know what works for you is to calculate.