expansion joint profiles

We are pleased to present expansion profiles for industrial floors of the world's best producers, HCJ and Permaban. Sinus expansion joints based on SINUS SLIDE technology are the best expansion profiles on the market, guaranteeing comfortable and trouble-free use of the floor for years. By creating a sinusoidal form of the expansion joint, the passage through such expansion joints of industrial floors is not only free from shocks, but also from the smallest vibrations. HCJ is a producer of the precursor of non-linear sinusoidal HC-Delta SINUS Slide expansion joints, the economical e-slide profile and the best COSINUS SLIDE expansion joint on the market, which thanks to its innovative design transfers the highest values of transferred loads. PERMABAN straight expansion profilesare certainly the best-known expansion joints on the industrial floor market, distinguished primarily by high quality and reliability as well as a wide range of products.